Building His Kingdom: A Community Meal

The Yelm, WA area has a growing population spreed out overs several towns, farms and unincorporated communities. Something special about this area is how several churches and ministries work together to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the community.

One of the many examples is the “Giving Thanks” Tuesday community meal hosted at Emanuel Lutheran Church. People from all aspects of the community find a hot meal, engaging conversation and an encouraging word. Some who attend have significant financial needs, even to the point of being homeless. Others lack the means of procuring proper nutrition. Yet other come for company and community.

Emanuel Lutheran Church does not do this alone. Faith Harvest Helpers with significant support from Prairie Christian Center (an Assemblies of God Church) provides much of the food that is prepared for the hot meals. Evergreen Baptist Church (Korean) also supports this effort; as does Christ the King Church (Charismatic Episcopal).

Each week fresh vegetables, a hot meal and desserts are served to more then 50 people (and as many as 90). The meal opens with a brief encouraging message and a prayer. Then people from across many social, economic, racial, political and religious boundaries break bread together. A recent development is a time of intercessory prayer following the meal for anyone desiring prayer or wishing to pray for others.

Live are being touch in many ways. Some Tuesday night meal guest are now making their way to weekend services. Some are still probing to see if the Christian community will really welcome them, will really love them. Some may never seek a spiritual journey toward our loving creator and redeemer; but they will have encountered His love, grace and provision.

All these brothers and sisters in Christ, from different traditions, coming together to help meet needs in the community. This is the Kingdom of God in action; a testimony to the love of Christ at work in His Church.


About padredavidfell

Priest in the ICCEC. Retired Army Chaplain
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