The Tentacles of PTSD Run Deep

As more time passes since my tours in Iraq it becomes more clear just how deep the tentacles of PTSD run deep into just about ever aspect of life. It is as if long gangly strands have wrapped themselves around parts of the brain and at in opportune times they squeeze; resulting in a chain reaction that becomes easy to predict but difficult to influence.

It is not only the more obvious triggers—smell, sounds, sights, etc—that can kick off the hyper vigilance and the fight and flight responses at in appropriate times. Things that are not as easily connect to the “stuff” directly experienced in war can also trigger this same kind of disproportional response. It is as if the whole fight/flight mechanism is out of balance.

The total cost of wars of aggression is much greater then anyone is willing to admit. Even years after the horrendous situations of war the bodies biology seems to still be affected.

There is hope! As I deal with my own PTSD and minister to many of my brothers and sisters who suffer the affects of war I am grown to learn in new ways the love of God. He is with us in the storm. As the winds and wave thrash against the boat, it becomes more clear to me that God with right there with us—as Jesus was with His disciples during their stormy night.

Patiently stand with those who are suffer such affects of our wars.




About padredavidfell

Priest in the ICCEC. Retired Army Chaplain
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1 Response to The Tentacles of PTSD Run Deep

  1. padresteve says:

    So true my friend, so true

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