What about Iraq?

We have quickly forgotten about Iraq.  Megan Mccloskey of the Stars and Stripes has not forgotten.  23 service members (11 this year) have been killed since President Obama declared an end to combat operations.  We still have about 46,000 troops serving in Iraq.

We cannot afford to forget or ignore their service and sacrifices.  You can read here article at:  http://www.stripes.com/news/is-iraq-the-new-forgotten-war-1.139919


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Priest in the ICCEC. Retired Army Chaplain
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One Response to What about Iraq?

  1. John Erickson says:

    If you’re not aware, there is a website called http://www.icasualties.org, that lists the fatalities from both Afghanistan and Iraq for all countries. Granted that the fatalities in Iraq recently are all US soldiers, but we must remember Iraq for the blood of our allies that has been spilled there, as well, just as it is in Afghanistan. We are too quick to look for the next “hot spot” – witness how the earthquake in Haiti was quickly forgotten for the same tragedy in Christchurch, NZ, which has been forgotten for the Japanese disaster. We must not become so focused on the news item of the day (such as Libya), and remember that we have our military dying in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and thousands more scattered across the globe, surrendering their private lives and even family relations to serve us around the world.
    And thank you, Padre David, for jogging our collective memory.

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