Kid’s Soccer: Working Together?

Have you ever watched a little kids soccer game? Everyone chases the ball up and down the field (that is if they are not chasing a butterfly 😉 It does not matter much who is on who’s team. Just go for the ball and kick, kick, kick! Oh, just to have a chance to get your foot on the ball! It doesn’t matter if you kick it away from your teammate or even if you kick it out of bounce—as long as your foot kicked the ball.

This is an example of having the same goal: kick the ball and make a goal; but not working together to accomplish that goal. It is more important to the adorable little ones to kick the ball for themselves. They are caught up in the moment. This is expected and even acceptable for four and five year old budding soccer champions.

Yet if this continues as they get older the team will not perform well. Frustration rises, tempers flare and eventually people just stop playing.

On a team each has a role to play. Each has strengths and abilities. When we play to our strengths and help others do likewise we will have a chance and experiencing success. When we all do our own thing it leads to frustration and ultimately failure.

Too many of us have “quit” when it comes to working for God. Perhaps it is out of frustration from having our own teammates kick the ball out from under us. Perhaps we are disillusioned by the mistakes of others or those who appear to hog the ball. Sometimes we do more to discourage our own teammates the the apposing team.

Let us not let the mistakes or immaturity of other drive us from contributing to the team. We may have to demonstrate great patients with our teammates; and likely they will need to do the same for us.

God has so much for us to do and accomplish in this life—for His glory. As we lay aside our childish ways of doing things, we will increasingly experience the joy of unity and success.





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Priest in the ICCEC. Retired Army Chaplain
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2 Responses to Kid’s Soccer: Working Together?

  1. John Erickson says:

    I think a lot of people are just too bound up in life to even think they have time to help. But it takes so very little. Granted I have the “blessing” of infinite free time, but a simple thing is to just shovel a neighbor’s walk, or blow the leaves from in front of their door or car. And when people do respond to little kindnesses, they tend to instantly go for their wallets. That’s when we, who have the drive to do good works, can gently nudge our neighbors to the idea of good deeds WITHOUT recompense. I know this sounds awfully “Boy Scouts”, but the Scouts pledge to do their duty “to GOD and my country” – and the old “do unto others” is also steerage into a more religious path. After all, isn’t the core tenet of religion that God loves us? And what better way to show His love than to spread a little around? 🙂
    (Yes, I’m an old-fashioned romantic sap. You’ll learn to love me anyway! :D)

  2. padredavidfell says:

    John, Right on. When a few try to do the work of many…well. Just like on a team. When each does the part that can do best…the team has a better chance of doing getter. We may not be able to make a direct difference for most of the 6 billion people; but we can touch the lives of those around us.

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