The Forgotten Few

“The Forgotten Few”   by David Fell

Who will honor? Who will remember? Who will give you your final salute? Who will pay tribute to your service and sacrifice?

Does anyone even know? You are moved from this unit to that. All that know of your service are gone, moved on to new places. You have been moved to a unit that knows not of your accomplishment, knows not of your sacrifices. They are busy about many important tasks, preparing for their upcoming deployment. To them, you are useless, serve no purpose, make no contribution, will make no contribution.

You are labeled as “excess”.   A burden that has to be explained away. An object to be cleared from the books. The more quickly and quietly removed from the books the better; the less questions from above, “Why do you have so many broken people? You need to clean up your books!” Says the next higher commander.

Yet you have given so much for your country. You were there when your fellow Soldiers needed you. You faced all obstacles with courage and demonstrated valor when faced with danger and death. You worked day and night constantly giving to those around you. When you thought your strength would fail, you learned it would not. You learned you could dig deeper than you ever thought possible.

You never shrunk away from a battle, from danger, from a challenge. You were a source of strength and courage for those in need, even when you yourself felt none.

Thank you my fellow Wounded Warrior. I remember. I thank you. I stand with you, my fellow Wounded Warrior. We stand together—The Forgotten Few.


About padredavidfell

Priest in the ICCEC. Retired Army Chaplain
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3 Responses to The Forgotten Few

  1. A psalm of lament respectfully crafted, David. Thank you for your honesty and the guts to speak a sad truth. Outside the secular military box is the church where, beyond sanctuary, the Sabbath is made for a time of restoration and remembering… and also to stand with, together and not forget. May I send your article to our Synod newsletter and perhaps on to our National Synod magazine? It bears broader exposure. I’m proud to be your friend. Jerry

  2. padresteve says:


    It has been a while since I checked your site. I like this, well said my brother, well said.


  3. John Erickson says:

    Padre David- I know I’m “late to the party” with this comment, but just wanted to say something. Please know that there are many, like myself, who will not allow your sacrifice to be forgotten. Though we are but lowly civilians, having chosen a different path than you and your fellow soldiers, we will do our best to bring your fellow soldiers back into civilian life, to care for the Wounded Warriors no matter how long or how much care they need, and to respect and remember those who have given all they can. I am grateful for all you have done for myself, my family, and our country. Thank you, and Godspeed, sir.

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